Arctic Sea: the Crew's story

Hey, what will we use for a North Korean Flag?
The Sunday Times gives a full account of the story now told by the crew. The Korean ploy is explained as follows:
"The crew said that when the Ladny first made radio contact with the Arctic Sea , Savin sought to fool its Russian navy officers by claiming the ship was North Korean - the hijackers had also painted over Solchart’s emblem on the deck."

===>>> One could wonder about the Russian statement at the time that "Both the name and an identification number painted on the Arctic Sea's stern belong to a North Korean bulk carrier that was docked in Angola at the time, the Russian Foreign Ministry said, but it offered no further explanation."

And the pictures provided show lettering that is more likely naval than work of the Latvian bravos that boarded the vessel, a paint job by the Frigate's artful sailors.

And a final nagging detail. Note how the IMO number on the stern is not square with the rest: can you imagine a spook saying to the seamen - "no, no, go back and use the right number."


Carsten Wiethoff said...

And then, before arriving at Malta, the paint job is undone? Does anybody believe this? How much easier is it to recolor some pixels using your favourite PaintShop clone?

kokstad said...

These pictures are from the Russian Prosecutor General's Investigative Committee and are widely distributed. One who reads russian says they claim "During inspection of the ship by naval mariners it was found out that the name JON JIN 2 had been applied with a fresh coat of paint"
The report is from October 10. Malta's Civil Protection Department personnel boarded the Maltese-flagged vessel 14 nautical miles off Malta on October 28.
The suggestion here is that 'naval mariners' sloshed all that paint at the direction of 'investigators' who were onboard the Ladny from the start of the chase. Paint and more paint.
Incredible you say?