Theresa VIII: The Bulgarian Connection

Cosmos Shipping Ltd. Bulgaria Currently, the company is acting as ship manager of handy bulk carriers and is focused on expanding its fleet in the dry bulk sector.
Wilmar International Group.,The following is the list of associates of the Group
Cosmos Shipping Ltd - British Virgin Islands Ship-owning and chartering – 50%

Wilmar Holdings Private Ltd.
Wilmar was set up by Kuok Khoon Hong and his Indonesian partner Martua Sitorus. Khoon Hong, nephew of Malaysia’s “sugar king” Robert Kuok, had cut his teeth on the grains and edible oils business while working for his uncle at Kuok Oils & Grains Pte Ltd and also Federal Flour Mills Bhd before venturing out on his own, some say due to a difference of opinions between the two Kuoks.

It also formed a joint venture with Nizhny Novgorod Fats & Oils Group and Delta Exports Pte Ltd to spearhead expansion into Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States comprising former Soviet Union republics.

Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) did the deal because they think it’s a good idea. Because Wilmar trades in Singapore, it is subject to governance standards that differ from North America. Many assets are in China. Much of Wilmar’s products revolve around Palm Oil which is reviled by nutritionists. ADM will become the second largest shareholder.

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