Theresa VIII: Kuok Khoon Hong

The captain of the Theresa VIII died last night from gunshot wounds he got during the hijack, the pirates say.

Mr Kuok Khoon Hong, aged 59, is the Co-founder, Chairman and CEO of Wilmar International Limited, Integrated agribusiness. "We own a fleet of liquid bulk vessels to meet part of our transportation needs. The ownership of vessels provides us the flexibility in our merchandising operations."
Wilmar International Group
Wilmar International Ltd.
Previous Directorships
Director: Theresa Shipping Co Pte Ltd

Wilmar Ship Holdings Pte. Ltd., (“WSH”) a wholly-owned ship owner and operator of the
Company, has acquired a 60% interest in Raffles Shipping Corporation Pte. Ltd. (“RSC”). RSC will manage and operate WSH’s fleet of liquid oil tankers.
Investments in associates
The following is the list of associates of the Group
Cosmos Shipping Ltd (4) British Virgin Islands Ship-owning and chartering – 50

The Gilbert Islands were granted self-rule by the UK in 1971 and gained complete independence in 1979 under the new name of Kiribati. The US also relinquished all claims to the sparsely inhabited Phoenix and Line Island groups in a 1979 treaty of friendship with Kiribati.

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