Arctic Sea: It's a Plot, see

The “likely theft” of 3 atomic armed cruise missiles, recently recovered from the crash site of the K-141 Kursk, which claimed the lives of all 118 crew members,explains the missing Maltese-flagged vessel.

The Northern Fleet, working conjointly with Finland Military Forces located and raised the 3 missing Nuclear Armed P-700 Granit Anti-Ship Cruise Missiles ( NATO reporting name SS-N-19 Shipwreck). that Russia had not allowed to be salvaged by the Dutch companies Mammoet and Smit International contracted to raise the Kursk in 2001.

Once the nuclear armed cruise missiles were safely aboard the Arctic Sea, these reports continue, their journey was to have taken them across the Atlantic to the United States where they would then be transferred to the care of the US National Nuclear Security Administration where they would then be safely dismantled at what is called the Pantex Plant located in the State of Texas as per the provisions for eliminating these weapons contained in the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START II).

This did not happen, however, as these reports state that when transiting the English Channel the Arctic Sea was “hijacked” by as yet “unidentified commandos” who stormed the ship purporting to be “anti-drug police” in what the Maritime and Coastguard Agency is calling a most “bizarre” situation.

Upon learning of the theft of these weapons, Prime Minister Putin and President Medvedev held “emergency talks” with Finish President Tarja Halonen at the Black Sea resort of Sochi after which Medvedev ordered an immediate search begun for the Arctic Sea using “all available resources” of the Russian Fleet.

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