Arctic Sea: cargo tipped into the Atlantic

Published reports quote an anonymous high-ranking Russian Navy source who claims the pirates are believed to have been recruited as stooges by the intelligence services of a European Union country to intercept the ship and thwart the delivery of the missiles, according to a Russian newspaper, citing secret services sources in Russia. The paper suggested that the illegal cargo may have been tipped into the Atlantic, or have been secretly unloaded by the Russian navy which found the ship close to the Cape Verde islands off the west coat of Africa.

Some maritime security experts suspect the men had not been on the ship at all, but were part of an elaborate cover-up. The Russians seem to be treating the Arctic Sea as a pirate ship, rather than a ship captured by pirates. The Basmanny District Court has issued a writ seizing the ship, and the Russian navy is towing the vessel to Novorossiysk, apparently without stopping to unload its timber in Algeria. And rather than being released, the crew has apparently been detained in Moscow for what Alexander Bastrykin, the head of the Investigative Committee, called “urgent interrogation.”


Waffa said...

& why we don't see anywhere anything that ALL the "pirates" was russians not Estonians, Latvians...? None of them had ANY Estonian background - even all the names was Russian (only one Russian had estonia passport but even cant speak Estonian, other ones "whit out citizenship" was 100% russians also - everyone whit half a brain knows that).
Strange thing also is that most of the "international" community - most of the head organization and officials are russians or related strongly to russia.
Last question is ... why EU should want to frame EU Citizens as pirates if it was supposedly EU cover-up organization? And if it was useful to for EU to frame "EU citizens" then why the hell they choose ALL pirates that are russian heritage ?!
Why FSB is not allowing the Artic Sea crew to talk whit their family ? What about one of the crew members who managed last week shortly speak whit Izvestija and mentioned "we are not allowed to talk about it, this what happen to us is national top secret"

no need to mention really high russian official(s) who named this long time to be FSB special operation not some usual pirates case

kokstad said...

Russia sent the frigate Ladny, which is money and trouble, so this is a real op. -Or maybe two real ops, since there are two crews. It is a Russian shipyard where the 'repairs' were made, so they know the cargo, at least roughly. And besides, something is missing, else why the fuss? Russuia kept MV Artic Sea. They care about it. They landed the crew(s) - or who they didn't want - in Cape Verde at first, so they don't care about the crew(s).