USD 75K ransom offered for Blue Star by owner

Egyptian government has denied reports that it had negotiated with the Somali pirates who kidnapped the BLUE STAR Basseterre, St.Kitts-Nevis (SKN-flag).
An Egyptian man being held hostage on a pirated ship off the coast of Somalia for nearly two weeks has accused the pirates of mistreating their captives and appealed for help. Ibrahim Etman, one of 28 Egyptian crew aboard the cargo ship Blue Star when it was seized by pirates on January 1, had phoned his daughter to ask for help.
Mona Ibrahim Etman told the daily the pirates began mistreating the hostages when the ship's owners refused to pay a 75,000-dollar ransom, ceased negotiating, and stopped answering the pirates' phone calls.

A spokesman for New Marine, the Alexandria-based company that owns the ship, however denied the report. New Marine Shipping, 68 Horreya Avenue Alexandria 11471 Egypt

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