Belize mv Faina gets pirates 3.2 mil by airmail

According to businessmen on shore, the ransom was around $3 million and the money was dropped by parachute from a small plane, which seems to be the new way to deliver pirate booty. The weather was bad, said Dryad Maritime Intelligence Service Ltd.
According to witnesses in Hin-Barwaaqo, the fishing village near where the Faina has been anchored, a band of pirates left the ship on Thursday with seven Russian-style machine guns.

It’s unclear what will happen with the arsenal on board. The Kenyan government says it is theirs but the pirates and Western officials in the region have said the arms were destined for a former rebel army in southern Sudan and Kenya was simply the transit point. Kenya uses many American and British weapons, which is why it seemed strange that the Kenyan military would suddenly switch to Eastern-bloc gear.

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