Prem Divya: a tragedy say Cremers and Mittal

The crude carrier was rocked by three blasts on Thursday that erupted at the aft of the ship, damaging its engine room, living quarters and bridge. The Mercator chairman, HK Mittal, and the Anglo-Eastern Group chief executive, Peter Cremers, issued a statement in which they promised an investigation to "prevent a repeat of such a tragedy".
[AESM seminar on complacency] Marcel Liedts, COO of the Anglo-Eastern group, who explained the relevance of the theme of the seminar and stressed on how the company must protect itself from the scourge of complacency among seafarers.
The process of an MBO ( Management Buy Out) in 1998 and a subsequent merger with an established UK ship manager, Denholm Ship Management in 2001 were the key factors in establishing the present AE Group as a truly independent global based ship manager
Mr. Mittal acquired Mercator Lines Ltd. in 1988 . His personal ventures include a Ship Building Yard in Mumbai suburbs, a Healthcare unit & a Sulphuric Acid production plant in north India. 

IMO Number: 9138599
Flag: India
Builder:Country: People`s Republic of China
Company: Dalian NS
Year: 1998
Type: Oil or Oil Products Tanke
rSequence: MNSNMKFHull Form: HTonnage:Gross Tonnage: 57,950 tonsDeadweight: 109,227 tonnesDimensions: 244.47×42.03×15.52m (802.07×137.89×50.92ft)Speed: 15.3ktMachinery:Screw Type: Single ScrewEngine Type: Motor vesselCompany: SulzerEx Names: ex-SeaqueenNotes: Similar todocument.write('DONAX') [9215050]
Sister/Similar Ships: Sister: DL IRIS [9138604] (Ko) ex-SeastarProbably sister: SEAPRIDE I [9151838] (Ma)


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