Doola No. 3: oil being drained from exploded hull

A crane ship is mobilized to transfer oil from the almost-submerged oil carrier Doola No. 3 in seas off Jaweol Island in Incheon on Jan. 16, 2012.
The product tanker exploded in waters off the port city of Incheon January 15, After departing from Incheon port, the ship headed toward Daesan port in South Chungcheong Province. Before the departure, the ship unloaded 6,500 tons of gasoline at Incheon.
The explosion of the 4191-ton vessel Doola No. 3 took place in waters three miles north of Jawol Island near Incheon around 8:05 a.m.,
The manager DOOLA SHIPPING CO LTD, Gang,Geon U/Gang,Ji Eon, CEO said that the explosion took place while gas was being drained from the oil tank. "The vessel usually transports diesel, but this time it carried gasoline. We are now examining whether it had any relation to the explosion,"
Before leaving port in Incheon, the ship had unloaded 6,500 tons of gasoline.

9262106 DOOLA NO. 3 DSQZ2 Chemical/Oil Tanker 6536 2002


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