Gemini: four South Korean sailors ransomed

"The four Korean crew members of the MT Gemini have been released," the Korean Foreign
Ministry said in a statement, adding the sailors were being taken to safety aboard a South Korean navy ship.
The release followed an agreement between Singapore firm Glory Ship Management which owns the MT Gemini and the pirates, it said without elaboration.   The foreign ministry official as saying that the ministry had assisted in ransom talks between the boat's owner and the pirates, but declined to say how much had been paid for their release.

[December 2 '11]

The product: tanker with 28,000 metric tonnes of crude palm oil pays 6 million ransom.
The actual pirates, from the Sacad (Hawiye) clan claim to have received $4 million plus, others, including commander Mohamed Garfanje, presumably took the rest. The original demand was for $5 million. Four Korean crewmen are being held as hostages for pirates killed by South Korea in retaking the supertanker Samho Dream in April. $4.00 million is the demand.
Captain Pak Hyeon of the South Korean-managed, Singapore-flag hijacked Gemini IMO: 8412352 is among the Koreans being held.


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