Gotland Sophia: Gulf Guinea panic room saves

Pirates attacked two Panamanian-flagged tankers off the coast of Benin on August 3.

At the time, the vessels were undergoing a ship-to-ship transfer. The vessels involved were the mother ship ‘Golden Sofia’ and the daughter vessel ‘Aidin’.

Wisby Ship Management’s ‘Gotland Sofia’ was boarded by about 10 pirates, while she was undergoing an STS about 70 km from the Benin capital Cotonou.

The crew, consisting of four Swedes, 18 Filipinos and a Ukrainian, locked themselves in. The pirates tried to gain access to the area in which the crew had blockaded themselves, but left having ransacked the Swedish vessel. the daughter vessel ‘Aidin’ was initially attacked.

‘Gotland Sofia’s’ crew barricaded themselves in the engine room for six hours, while the pirates ransacked the vessel, smashing bridge windows and security doors.

9328144 GOTLAND SOFIA OXSP2 Chemical/Oil Tanker 53187 2007
Owner Rederi AB Lickershamn
Manager Wisby Shipmanagement AB

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