RAF destroys Libyan tug

"Since it was clear these troops continued to pose a threat to the local population, the RAF patrol engaged the ship. A direct hit was scored." RAF pilots have obliterated a Libyan boat, containing dozens of Gaddafi troops, with a laser-guided bomb.

In March, an Italian tug was seized and released.
Asso 22
Augusta Offshore SrLowned by Naples-based shipping entrepreneur Mario Mattioli. The company’s tugs are working at the Mellitah oil rig, 120 kilometres from Tripoli and 30 from the Tunisian border.
Eni, Italy's oil and gas giant which has significant interests in Libya, had rented the tug for use at oil platforms off the coast.
La Cafiero Mattioli Finanziaria CA.FI.MA. S.A.p.A. è la società capogruppo,

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