INS Sindhurakshak: snorkel sub has caught fire and sunk

INS Sindhurakshak has caught fire and sunk with about 18 crew on board after an explosion at a port in Mumbai.    Latest emerging visuals are indicating that multiple blasts could have taken place outside 

- India relies on its submarines to conduct a second strike on the enemy in a nuclear war scenario, the navy said in a maritime military strategy report released in 2007.   This sub is equipped with Russian Club-S cruise missile systems.

The 16-year-old Russian-made submarine,had recently returned from Russia after undergoing an overhaul and upgrade.

India has 14 diesel-powered submarines.   Sindhurakshak was constructed in Admiralty Shipyard, St. Petersburg. Construction of the submarine began in 1995. It was launched in June 1997 and delivered in December 1997.

Class & type: Sindhughosh-class submarine
Displacement: 2325 tons surfaced
3076 tons dived
Length: 72.6 m (238 ft)
Beam: 9.9 m (32 ft)
Draught: 6.6 m (22 ft)
Propulsion: 2 x 3650 hp diesel-electric motors
1 x 5900 hp motor
2 x 204 hp auxiliary motors
1 x 130 hp economic speed motor
Speed: Surfaced: 10 knots (19 km/h)
Snorkel Mode: 9 knots (17 km/h)
Submerged: 17 knots (31 km/h)
Range: Snorting: 6,000 mi (9,700 km) at 7 kn (13 km/h)
Submerged: 400 miles (640 km) at 3 knots (5.6 km/h)
Endurance: Up to 45 days with a crew of 52
Test depth: Operational Depth: 240 m (790 ft)
Maximum Depth: 300 m (980 ft)
Complement: 68 (incl. 07 Officers)[1]
Armament: 9M36 Strela-3 (SA-N-8) surface-to-air missile
3M-54 Klub-S anti-ship and land-attack missiles
Type 53-65 passive wake homing torpedo
TEST 71/76 anti-submarine active-passive homing torpedo
24 DM-1 mines in lieu of torpedo tube

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