Hoàng Sơn Sun: "complete horror"

"We had to pay the pirates $2.6 million. The money was from our own company," said the shipping firm which has an office in the northern port city of Haiphong.
After a meeting with a British company which specializes in maritime hostage negotiation on 25.Jan.2011, Hoang Son, vice director of Hoàng Sơn Co Ltd had estimated the ransom would be $5 million

The Hoang Son Sun was carrying 21,000 tons of iron ore when it was attacked about 520 nautical miles South-East of Muscat, Oman on January 17.

May Hung Bui Thai since the days of detention.

After running some distance, the robbers asked the ship anchored about three nautical miles from shore, the crew then began calling the family company to report the incident and demanded ransom.Also from that day, his life is the day you complete horror. google


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