Tromp: Dutch frigate shoots pirates

Yesterday morning a fishing boat fired on two RHIB from HMS Tromp which were approaching it. Marines on the RHIB's (Rigid-hulled inflatable boat) and militiamen in the Tromp returned the fire. During a second approach, 10 Somalis left in a fast skiff with the purpose of avoiding arrest. Marines opened fired, wounding some and the escape attempt stopped. The Somalis are apprehended.

. After it appeared that the remaining Somalis on board the hijacked fishing boat called a dhow, wanted to give themselves up, a boarding team from the Tromp boarded the suspect vessel. They found the 16-member crew, two Somalis and 6 Somali pirates. The six suspects, together with the other 10 held. On board the hijacked dhow found evidence of piracy.

While searching the liberated dhow Hr.Ms.Tromp approached a hijacked merchant ship. After a number of shots across the bow of the ship, it stopped and was then turned toward the berth where she came from.. All 16 Somalis have been transferred to the Tromp and held there until further notice. The wounded Somalis get medical care on board. The dhow's crew returned in the wake of Tromp and under its protection along coastal highway hazards and has obtained assistance. [rough Google translation]


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