Northern Promotion: fast containership escapes

"A day of repairs!" wrote Navigator Wulf F. Mehner

IMO: 9467043
MMSI: 636091834
Callsign: A8TL5
Flag: Liberia

Category: Cargo
Beam: 30
Length: 264
Draught: 13.9

The North German investment - in 1975 - is one of the oldest and most experienced investment banking firms in Germany. We design high-yield investments in the fields of maritime and commercial properties with an exemplary performance record.
Schiffsfonds Ship Fund

A must for the portfolio

Shipping is a highly specialized industry with a long tradition and high growth potential. From cars to almost all rum is transported by sea -% of all goods shipments go by sea. 97 investments of private investors in this exciting sector of the economy have in the past proved successful investments already. The ship's participation as a form of financing and capital investment continues to have great significance.It offers - compared to other asset classes - higher than average return potential and has today more than ever a chance / manageable.

How does a ship investment?
This offers investors the option of participation in a ship, to the very good return on investment of shipping chances to participate as co-entrepreneurs.

Such investments are Entrepreneurial Investments - designed as a closed fund.. In contrast to mutual fund investment is fixed.. If the required capital raised, the fund will be closed and operational phases of the company begins.

The investment property is clearly defined.. Investors do not invest in an anonymous construct, but are co-owners of a particular investment object. . In the case of a closed-end ship funds, this is a tanker, bulker or container ship. . Thus, the investor-owner of a shipping company.

For the shipping company KG is the legal form of GmbH & Co. established in the market.. The investor participates in the control of a trust fund as a limited partner in this society and adheres so only with his investment. The shipping company has a ship purchased in advance or the new development in a given order. . After delivery of the ship is that the international shipping market used to. . The purchase price of the vessel, a commercial bank loan and equity financing to the investor.From the income of the shipping company payments are the interest and principal payments, operating costs and the capital served on.

In addition to the payments during the operational phase and the proceeds from the sale of the ship have a special tax breaks for shipping to the above-average returns with it.. This tonnage tax is especially mentioned, the context of European harmonization in 1999 in Germany was introduced year. . Their particular advantage is that during the term of the shipping investment of investors, only a very small tax burden of the ship has to carry out the operation, regardless of how the economic success of the investment company presents itself.

The fund concept is basically a medium-to long-term oriented investment payout created.. The investment offer is aimed at investors who are investing in the fund amount for the term does not need to rely on the.

Real Estate Fund

In the real estate business has € the North German investment so far 42 closed-end funds with a total investment of 488 million and total equity of € 213 million and designed to banks, savings and investment advisors placed at the capital market. Already 33 of these funds were largely objects very good results for investors to sell. see Northern Valour

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