ex-ArcticSea, Chariot: alleged arms ships along side

Shelley Express Info Received: 0d 15h 47min ago at 3:20pm February 14(GMT) now on AIS
Chariot info Received: 4d 13h 56min ago at 3:22pmf February 14(GMT)now off AIS
2012-02-07 10:40 Chariot now docked in Port Said, to AIS at 2012-02-10. Shelley Express still off the air.
Shelley Express, ex-Arctic Sea, and Chariot, both alleged russian-controlled ships allegedly arms carriers in the past, were outside Port Said, Egypt, February 7 or were before they went off AIS within ten minutes of each other.

SHELLEY EXPRESS IMO: 8912792, Latitude / Longitude: 31.34497° / 32.29851° Info Received: 1d 5h 28min ago at 3:07pm Tuesday (GMT) back

CHARIOT IMO: 8302882, Latitude / Longitude: 31.35667° / 32.323° Info Received: 1d 5h 39min ago at 3:11pm Tuesday (GMT) back

"The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, current head of the Gulf Cooperation Council, announced that the GCC states have decided to withdraw all their ambassadors from Syria and also demand that all ambassadors of the Syrian regime in its lands leave immediately," said the six-member council, which includes Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

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