Arctic Sea: becomes Shelley Express

The ghost vessel Arctic Sea is no more, its owner's website is down, and the company's Dutch owner is merged.
Vessel's Name Flag Call Sign Last Reported
ARCTIC SEA Barbados 8PWS 2011-11-03 15:26
BBCTIC SEA Barbados 8PWS 2011-09-17 21:04
ARCTIC SEA Malta 9HDN8 2010-05-12 08:55


Following two years of close cooperation initiated by Hans Laue, Gisholt Shipping, between Dutch Shipowners CFL (Canada Feeder Lines) and Scan-Trans, Scan-Trans now issues new shares that enables CFL to become a 20% shareholder in Scan-Trans Holding A/S.
Great Lakes Feeder Lines was successfully formed in continuation to its founders forming Canada Feeder Lines, a now Dutch based European shipping company with no further ties to Canada, Great Lakes Feeder Lines, its founders, or to trading vessels in Canada or the United States.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for valuable information!

kokstad said...

RTP [read the problem] it is the dutch-based CFL, not Scan-Trans.

If you find Viktor, let us know.

Ralph E. Vaughan said...

Thanks for the update. In addition to name change (some sites claim "Shelly" not Shelley"), the ship has also gained some weight, DeadWeight going from 4389 to 4706, with Gross remaining at 3988; net from 401 to 718 (+317).