HDMS Esbern Snare: Kills and sinks four pirates

The Danish navy killed four pirates and released sixteen Iranian hostages after a skirmish with a pirate boat off the Somalian coast last Thursday.

The Navy announced today that HDMS Esbern Snare, was approached and fired upon by a pirate ‘mother-ship’ on Thursday morning.

After a firefight between the vessels, the remaining pirates surrendered by throwing their weapons in the sea.

The Navy then took control of boat and detained the remaining 24 pirates.

None of the hostages or the Navy personnel were harmed in the attack though ten pirates were treated onboard the Esben Snare for injuries.
The four dead pirates were buried at sea according to Nato procedure and Muslim tradition.
The Absalon class is based on a frigate-type design, but built with an internal multipurpose deck (flex deck) and a stern vehicle ramp. The ships can serve as command platforms for a staff of 75 persons (naval or joint staff) with a containerized command and control centre, transport and base of operations for a company-sized landing force of some 200 men with vehicles.

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