Asphalt Venture: headed for Haradheere

Asphalt Venture, en route to Durban when radar observation showed her turn suddenly and set a course for Haradheere. There have been no reports of any contact with the vessel Sep. 29.

8875798 ASPHALT VENTURE 3EOU9 Asphalt Tanker 3884 1991 Panama managed by Mumbai-based Omci Ship Management Pvt

[2001]OMI’s vessels are technically managed (excluding insurance provided for vessels, which is managed directly by OMI) by a wholly owned subsidiary, OMI Marine Services LLC (“OMS”), located at offices in Stamford, Connecticut and Houston, Texas. OMS subcontracts several of the day-to-day operations to OMI Crewing Services Ltd. (“OMCI”), located in Mumbai, India (not a related party to OMI or any of its subsidiaries). OMCI is primarily responsible for the crewing, general maintenance and repairs, and the stocking of supplies on vessels.

Under the direction of OMS, OMCI purchases stores and spares for all vessels that they manage (OMCI manages all of OMI’s owned vessels with the exception of the two handysize crude oil tankers). OMS is also responsible for the drydocking of the vessels, including scheduling the drydocks and obtaining bids. OMI is kept apprised of all drydocking schedules and approves all related costs. OMI advances funds to OMCI for expenditures including crew wages, benefits, training, crew travel and airfare, salary, office and other expense of the technical staff of OMCI, allotments, union payments, and other expenditures covered under the process of Advances to Masters (which includes cash reserve on board, cash for bonded stores and provisions purchases and other items).

[2007]Danish shipping company A/S Dampskibsselskabet TORM (D/S TORM) (NASDAQ: TRMD) and Canada's Teekay Corporation (NYSE: TK) have finalised their plan for how to divide the assets of the jointly acquired US shipping company OMI Corporation (NYSE: OMI), D/S TORM said on Friday (3 August 2007).

Under the agreement D/S TORM will take over 24 product tankers from OMI, as well as OMI's technical operations in India and a part of its organisation in the US.

[2010]TORM A/S (TORM), formerly Aktieselskabet Dampskibsselskabet Torm, is a Danish shipping company engaged primarily in the ownership and operation of product tankers and dry bulk carriers. TORM consists of two business segments: the Tanker Division and the Bulk Division. The Company’s product tankers primarily carry refined products, such as naphtha, gasoline, gas oil, jet fuel and diesel oil. Its dry bulk vessels carry commodities, such as coal, iron ore and grain. As of December 31, 2009, the Company’s fleet of owned vessels consisted of 64 product tankers and four dry bulk carriers. The total tonnage of those vessels is approximately 4,146,031 deadweight tons (dwt). In addition, it chartered in 27 product tankers and nine dry bulk carriers, and commercially managed approximately 38 vessels for third-party owners and charterers. TORM’s vessels trade worldwide.

1. OMCI Shipmanagement
OMCI is a ship management brand that currently manages about 36 ships and is also engaged in new building supervision. It is a part of the W-O Shipping Group which spans 5 countries in 3 continents OMCI, the shipmanagement arm of the W-O group.
OMCI Shipmanagement Pvt Ltd, hereafter referred to as OMSL, is a private company that was incorporated in Mumbai, India

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