Malta to train somalis

Malta is participating in anti-piracy operations through the deployment of an AFM officer in the EU operational command centre in Northwood, near London. Maltese-flagged ships had been among vessels that were taken over by pirates and the majority of migrants who come to Malta do so because of the state of instability and anarchy in Somalia, Maltese personnel may also help train the Somali law and order forces. The training of the Somali personnel would be an EU operation. The training would take place in Uganda. The intention is to train up to 2,000 Somali troops, which will complement other training missions and bring the total number of better-trained Somali soldiers to 6,000.

The government is now confined to a few small blocks of the capital, Arabic: مقديشو‎ Maqadīshū; , with an African Union force from Uganda and Barundi protecting critical sites.

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