Arctic Sea: evidence includes documents

Ministry spokesman Andrei Nesterenko said on 01 October: "We are taking all necessary measures to return the vessel to its owner, and to provide support to conclude its commercial delivery in line with the sea freight contract."

However, he said the vessel was slightly damaged as a result of its capture.

"Some navigation equipment was put out of action. Repairs must be carried out. This damage does not influence the safety of towing the Arctic Sea," he said. The Arctic Sea is apparently being towed by a tug. The Tanker Iman routinely travels with Rescue Tug SB-36.

A military-diplomatic source in Madrid has said the evidence unloaded from the Arctic Sea included documents which could provide clues on the Arctic Sea's mission.

"All the documents which could shed light on the investigation were loaded onto the Black Sea Fleet tanker ship Iman," the source was quoted as saying. The convoy is expected at Russia's Black Sea port of Novorossiisk mid-October.

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