Solchart files for bankruptcy

Director of Solchart, the beneficial owner of Arctic Sea, Matveev Victor reports woefully:

Members of the committee, neither the crew do not answer the phone calls. Understanding uselessness of the presence of our representative in Las Palmas and full ignorance of our interests and concerns about the future of the vessel, cargo and the Company he was forced to return home on 11th of September. Maltese delegation also left Las Palmas on 11th of September. Since then we do not have any information about the future of the vessel.
As the consequence of such set of events, also after 17th of September, the ship-owner Company has become bankrupt. This also implies that for further exploitation of the vessel it is required to find funds in order to bring the vessel into the working condition and provide it with all the necessities, and also in order to settle accounts with the creditors. We were ready and were doing more than required in this kind of situation from what the ship-owner can and should do.

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